Article Highlight : “The Natural Approach to Flea Control”

Every once in a while we like to highlight some of the great information in our Holistic Healthcare Library and this is the perfect time to talk about one of our most popular articles.

“The Natural Approach to Flea Control”

As flea season is in full swing in many areas around the country, we are realizing that some of you may need a bit of guidance with the war you are waging in your households. There are so many products available for fighting the battle against fleas that a trip to the pet store or a little research online can leave you a bit overwhelmed and bewildered. At Only Natural Pet Store we carry only what works and only what is safe for your companions and everyone else in your household. We also do not carry anything damaging to the environment. [Read more about flea control]

The (Almost) Invincible Flea

First let’s talk about the population statistics of our foe.  In this section you will learn about the life cycle, habits and issues with fleas, as well as the diseases and parasites they can spread, like tapeworms!  [Read more about flea control]

Also, remember that all of our flea products are on sale through April 30th, 2010!

Day 1 – About Fleas
Day 2 – Killing Fleas on your pets
Day 3 – Controlling Fleas in your environment
Coming up later this month! – Top 10 Common Myths about Fleas

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