Employee Pet Profile-Meet Adam’s Golden Retriever, Savanah

This month our employee pet profile will look at the energetic Golden Retriever that comes to work in the Customer Care Department with Adam!

Employee First Name : Adam
Pet’s Name(s) : Savanah
Breed : Golden Retriever











Favorite Food: Natures Variety Instinct Raw Only Natural Pet Easy Raw

Favorite Treats: Nartures Variety Raw Bones Only Natural Pet Free Range Bully Stick

Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball Doggles Pentapulls

Favorite Story: Savanah was adopted by Adam and she had numerous issues such as itchy skin, constantly biting her paws, oily coat, mucous discharge from her eyes, poor oral care, and barely had enough energy to walk around the block. Adam did some research, asked a lot of questions, and eventually changed her diet to one consisting of raw, dehydrated and freeze-dried real foods. Within 1-2 weeks, every issue cleared up. She’s like a completely different dog. Her hair cleaned up, the itching stopped (aside from the normal scratch here and there), her teeth went from a brownish yellow to bright white, no more discharge from her eyes…the list goes on and on. The most noticable change was her energy level. She is able to go strong for multiple days in the Colorado backcountry every weekend with her dad. She puts in a ton of miles over the course of the summer. Based on the improvements seen, Adam and Savanah are firm believers in feeding a raw diet and will never go back to the poor commercial food of her past. When she’s not in the office mixing it up with her friends, you can find her staying in shape on the trail with her mom and dad throughout the Rocky Mountains.