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Pet Profile – Harley the Photogenic Pug

Our community forums are a great place to share information, connect with other pet owners and share some great photos!

This week’s Pet Profile from the Community Forums is Harley, A photogenic Pug who will stop on a dime to pose for a picture.  We asked a few questions about Harley and got some great feedback from her owner Jennifer.

Harley the Pug on Only Natural Pet Blog
Here she is Wandering thru the sand at Lake Tahoe. 🙂

Harley’s Favorite food or treats : Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Dog Chewz.  Depending on her appetite she likes either the Bichon Fries or the Veggie Rawhide.

How you came to each other : After months of trying to figure out what kind of puppy to get, someone told me I should get a pug.  So I looked through the local paper (The Sacramento Bee) and saw an ad for pug puppies.  I knew I wanted a female and there were two of them, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to go look.  She was one of four puppies born to her mama, Tinker, two of which were female.  I spent an hour observing and playing with the pups.  However, while I was playing with the other female pup, Harley crawled up on my lap and went to sleep… so in essence, the eight-week old pup chose me and I will be forever grateful.

Favorite toys : Harley loved stuffed babies when she was younger.  As she’s aged, she much prefers her blankie and her humans.  She has to have everyone in the house in her line of site at all times and will find a spot to lay down so she can see us both.

A story you would like to share : This past weekend, as a tribute to Harley, I had a tattoo of my forever friend put on my arm.  The piece took seven hours to complete and was worth every ounce of pain I endured.  It is an excellent likeness of Harley and even depicts her in her little purple pugjamas (as I like to call them) with sheep.  For the rest of my life, Harley will be there looking up at me with her sweet pug face.  She’s as photogenic as they come and has even appeared in a television commercial for an electric company she stole the show and what a treat to see it air on TV.

Harley the Photogenic Pug on OnlyNatural Pet
Here are our two SPOILED girls. Apparently they dont care for the sand that much and prefer to sit in my seat.

Any health conditions and how you treat them : Harley’s had two notable health conditions over the past 9 (almost 10 years on 4/17) years.  I’ve always fed Harley good quality, natural dog food.  She still developed crystals again and again.  This is how I discovered the Only Natural Pet Store Website and all the wonderful products and treats.  I needed something that would help balance her urinary tract pH and dissolve struvite crystals. After reading several reviews I decided to try the Solid Gold Berry Balance… that was a few years ago and I haven’t had a problem since.  And since the vet put her on a vegetarian diet, I couldn’t let her go without treats and picked out some of the Sam’s Yams Sweet Potato Dog Chewz.  Harley gobbled those up and I felt good about giving them to her.

In March 2009 I  noticed Harley was having trouble walking, and hated to admit something was wrong.  After several vet visits and thousands of dollars on tests it was discovered that Harley suffers from Hydrosyringomyelia.  She has been on omeprazole and gabapentin since June of 2009.  Walking is becoming more difficult with each passing day as Harley is beginning to lose strength in her back legs.  To remedy this and allow her to participate in walks with the other dogs, I bought her a stroller which she seems to like.  And while surgery is not an option for my friend, my main concern for her is quality of life.   I know that my friend will let me know when it’s time and I owe it to her to listen and do the right thing.  Until then I am grateful for every single day I am given with her and will spoil her all the way until the end.  All I know if there are no dogs in Heaven, I want to go wherever Harley goes and cross over that Rainbow Bridge together.”

Sarah’s Book Review – Veterinarians’ Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs

Sarah’s Book Review: Veterinarians’ Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs
by Martin Zucker, DVM

This is a wonderful book!  Author Martin Zucker, DVM, has interviewed numerous holistic veterinarians and assembled their most preferred and time-tested remedies for many common imbalances. 

The early chapters begin with diet and nutrition, with a brief but concise description of the downfalls of commercial dog food.  Then there are different meal plans: one for people who are not ready to give up dry food, two partially raw plans, and information about feeding a completely raw diet.  Also included are recommendations on which table scraps are best, and use of supplemental foods, such as liver.  

Chapters on supplements, herbs, flower essences and homeopathics are brief but concise and are mentioned, when relevant, throughout the book.  There are individual chapters devoted to acupuncture, chiropractic and massage.  The second part of the book is divided into common imbalances, natural remedies and how to administer them.

While I do not agree with most of the section on flea control, I found valuable information in other sections of this book that I have not found in any of my other holistic pet care books.

For example, animals prone to seizures will benefit from being exposed to full spectrum lighting in the house.  Or, for bacterial or yeast infections of the ears, mix ¼ capsule of acidophilus with 1 ounce of water.  Clean the ears first, using any good natural ear cleaning product.  Afterwards, drip the acidophilus water into the ears, either with a cotton ball soaked in the mixture, or with an eye dropper.  This really works!

All in all, this is an incredibly helpful book. 

Highly recommended.  Five paws!