Nature’s Herbs Urinary Relief Review

Sometimes we get reviews for products on our websites that just warm the heart and we just have to share.

Natural remedy to break down small struvite and oxalate crystals and help clear kidney and bladder infections and inflammation. Can also be used as a preventative for chronic problems with crystals and urinary tract infections. This is a safe alternative to antibiotics.

“Great item”
By sscemb from enfield ct on 3/8/2010
Pros: Effective, Easy To Use
Best Uses: Daily Care, Older Pets
Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner
Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

“My dog was on the brink of us making the horrible decision as to have him put down. He had no energy, barely ate and seemed to be in pain. We like everyone else in the country are finding it hard to make ends meet and couldn’t afford the vet, so we heard about Only Natural and decided to give it a try. We bought the herb best suited for a urinary tract/bladder issues and gave it a try. Within 2 days he was up and around and is now almost perfect. Thank you very much.”

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Only Natural Pet Store Customer Review of the Week

KC reviews Only Natural Pet Phero-Soothe:

“I run a Border Collie Rescue Group covering a fairly large area. This requires us moving stressed and fearful dogs to and from foster homes. This product definitely helps reduce the dogs (and volunteers) stress levels. I found it also very effective in helping them settle into their new surroundings and coping in multiple dog households. I must say I was very skeptical when told about it, but now would prefer not to be without Phero-Soothe. I usually use it by spraying on a bandana and then placing around the dogs neck. “

Thanks for the great review KC, and the great idea!

Only Natural Pet Salmon Oil

Julie from Irving, TX reviews Only Natural Pet Pure Icelandic Salmon Oil:

“Shelby, my black female lab mix has had skin problems since she was 1 year old, she is now 3. Our vet bill has been upwards of $600.00 per year. This includes her yearly steroid shot, skin medicine (she looses her hind fur yearly also), and numerous ear medicines for her allergies. I have been using this product for a month now, and the results are out of this world. Her skin dander has disappeared completely. Her fur is soft and shiny. Our friends have come over and complimented on her new and improved look. I just can’t say enough about this product. A must for every home that has animals, regardless and any skin/fur issues they might have. Will always have this product on hand! Thanks!”

Only Natural Pet Customer Review of the Week

Trish & Snickers review Only Natural Pet Immune Balance and HomeoPet Leaks No More:

Well, after spending tons of money in medical bills in 9 months to cure a antibiotic resistent staph/allergy infection, we were on the drug of last hope, Atopica, which is VERY spendy. Our lovely little 10-year old Jack Russell was having gastric issues with all the meds.

So after lots of tears, even took her to church to have our priest lay hands on her, I bought 2 items at your webstore. I detoxed her system, put her on your ONP Immune Balance drops and HomeoPet Leaks No More. And a little over 2 weeks later… No more pus filled pockets on her body and the infection was gone! Now you can say Yipee! God Bless you ALL!”

Thank you Trish & Snickers for the great review!