Demystifying the Paleo Diet for Dogs

With so much buzz surrounding natural pet food these days, it’s hard to really get to the root of the trend. Thankfully, Only Natural Pet has been in the business for over 11 years: natural for us isn’t just a fad, it’s a lifestyle. To help spread the word about the importance of the Paleo Diet for dogs and why it’s helping our dogs live longer, healthier lives, Samantha Randall from Top Dog Tips sat down with Dr. Jean Hofve, Only Natural Pet’s on-staff holistic veterinarian, Marty Grosjean, Only Natural Pet’s founder and CEO, and Eran Cohen, PetSmart’s Chief Customer Experience Officer. Why would she interview a PetSmart representative? Because Only Natural Pet products are available exclusively at PetSmart stores and

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  1. Dear Only Natural Pet,
    I started a petition “Tell Purina To Stop Putting Dangerous Chemicals And Low Quality Ingredients In Their Pet Food”. I was wondering if you you would like to sponsor my petition on your blog. I care deeply about this cause, and I hope you will support our efforts. Thank you for all you do for pets!

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