The Power of Daily Vitamins

Just like you, your pets can benefit greatly from a daily vitamin. That’s why our holistic vet formulated our new Ultimate Daily Vitamins!

Unlike their predecessors (our extremely popular Super Daily line), the new Ultimate Daily Vitamins are species appropriate! Dogs and cats (aside from having hugely different personalities and being sworn cartoon enemies) have two very different anatomies. The Ultimate Daily Vitamins were created specifically with your dog and cat in mind! Plus, each one features all of the building blocks your pet needs for a healthy, holistic lifestyle.

This includes:

  • Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes for proper nutrient absorption and to support a healthy gut; one of the main components of a healthy immune system.
  • Essential Fatty Acids, including the Omega 3’s DPA and EPA, which are hugely important for a beautiful coat and maintaining healthy skin, organ function, and more!
  • Glucosamine, MSM, and Chondroitin, plus New Zealand Green Lipped mussels, for supporting healthy joints.
  • Tons of vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D, calcium, potassium and more for maintaining healthy organ, nervous, muscle and skeletal function.

But don’t take my word for it; just ask Lindsay and Goose!

2 thoughts on “The Power of Daily Vitamins

  1. My dog was diagnosed as having chronic pancreatitis and the vet has him on a special diet that restricts his protein to 7%. My dog is a daschund mix. Can I add fish oil to his diet or do you have other recommendations. I have added 1 tablespoon of olive oil to his daily diet and he seems to take like the additional fat.

  2. My cat who is almost 20yrs old is showing a bit os kidney elevation in her last check up which she has every six mo ths. The vet says its not too concerning but is recommending putti g her on a food formulated for kidneys and hopefully keep it from getti g worse. Anything you recommend? I’ve been givi g her the senior formula but I don’t know if that isgoodenough

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