Only Natural Pet Store’s Thanksgiving Sale-A-Bration

Bring the feast to the pet bowl as well as the dinner table this year! Celebrate the flavors of Thanksgiving with your pet by taking advantage of  Only Natural Pet Store’s Thanksgiving Sale-A-Bration.

Start with the main course: Delicious Turkey! From raw food to kibble, turkey is a popular meat source that is lean, protein rich and a nutritious alternative for pets that struggle with chicken and beef.

Don’t forget the side dishes: Cranberries & Sweet Potatoes! Not only are cranberries and sweet potatoes classic Thanksgiving day foods, but they’re also healthy options for your pets. Both cranberries and sweet potatoes are rich in antioxidants which may benefit, among other things, a strong heart and immune system. Not to mention they’re delicious!

And in case your pet over indulges: Digestive Enzymes! Digestive Enzymes will not only help your pet handle the indigestion and bloated stomach that can accompany too many table scraps, but it also supports their body’s ability to break down those foods into important energy.

Thanksgiving Sale-A-Bration

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