Employee Pet Profile-Meet Tommy’s Dog Rex

Meet Rex, this week’s employee pet of the week! Rex and his dad, Tommy, run our shipping department on a daily basis making sure all packages are shipped in a timely manner. When not keeping the shipping team members in line, Rex keeps busy playing with his four legged friends in the warehouse.

Rex recently had his DNA tested using the BioPet Vet Lab DNA Breed Identification Kit. The results of the test show that Rex is part Norwegian Elk Hound, German Shepherd, Cocker Spaniel, and Siberian Husky. That is quite the DNA!!! Advances in DNA testing technology have made it possible to identify the ancestry of any dog by performing a simple test using a cheek swab. The DNA required for the test to be run is isolated from cells that are trapped on the swab. All cells carry the same genetic material, regardless of type or location in the animal. Taking a cheek swab is therefore the easiest way to obtain the samples needed for testing.

Rex’s Favorite food is the Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Dehydrated Dog Food in the turkey flavor. This is no surprise to us as most of the doggies at Only Natural Pet Store thrive on this diet. The EasyRaw provides a natural alternative to more processed conventional dog foods with the convenience of a dry food without compromising the nutritional value and proven health benefits of real raw meat, vegetables, and fruit.

In between meals and play time at the office, Rex’s favorite snack is the Only Natural Pet Odorless Bully Sticks which are made using free range and grass fed Brazilian cattle. Rex is addicted to these and his dad enjoys that they don’t have the not so pleasant smell like most bully sticks.

Staff can often find Rex chasing his favorite tennis ball throughout the maze we call our warehouse. One of his dad’s favorite stories came during some recent spring cleaning when 10 tennis balls were found stashed under the couch.

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