Article Highlight : “The Natural Approach to Flea Control” [continued : killing fleas!]

Yesterday we highlighted some of the great flea information from our Holistic Health Care Library, today we’ll share highlights from the article on how to protect your dog and cat companions.

“The Natural Approach to Flea Control” [continued : killing fleas!]

Stage 1 – Armoring Your Companions

Protection from the Inside Out

Another important fact about fleas is that they prefer weaker, less healthy hosts and very young puppies and kittens with undeveloped immune systems. Knowing this, we can arm our pets for flea resistance by boosting their health and immunity. If you have a flea problem, this is the first place to start.

If you’ve read any of the other articles on our site, you’ve heard this before:  Diet is the foundation of health.  [Read more about flea control]

External Protection

Learn how to use a Flea Comb effectively and repel fleas using neem oil products and shampoo. [Read more about flea control]

Then Move on to killing fleas once they are on your pet!  [Read more about flea control]

Worried about using Spot-On treatments?  You should be!

A pesticide is a pesticide no matter what you call it. We only recommend spot-on flea products as a last resort for animals with severe flea allergies. [Read more about flea control]

Also, remember that all of our flea products are on sale through April 30th, 2010!

Day 1 – About Fleas
Day 2 – Killing Fleas on your pets
Day 3 – Controlling Fleas in your environment
Coming up later this month! – Top 10 Common Myths about Fleas

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