Employee Pet Profile – Abby’s Golden Retrievers, Jack & Honda

This month our employee pet profile will look at the two amazing golden retrievers that come to work in the marketing department with Abby!

Employee First Name : Abby (aka Abstar)
Pet’s Name(s) : Jack & Honda (aka J & H)
Breed : Golden Retrievers

Favorite Food : Bravo Beef PattiesAcana PacificaONP Freeze-Dried PattiesNature’s Variety Raw Bones

Favorite Treats : For J & H only: ANY kind of bully stickWildSide Salmon Treats.  For J&H & me to share: Max & Ruffy’s, Cheese Please

Favorite Toy : TENNIS BALLS! LOTS OF THEM! – ChuckIt!Tuffy’s Toys, particularly the Octopus so Jack can swing it around and hit himself with it – Pentapulls (see Tuffy’s)

Jack the Golden Retriever at Only Natural Pet Store
Jack, brand ambassador for Only Natural Pet

Favorite Story : Since Jack is the face on several of our ONP brand products, he enjoys spending his days at our retail store in Boulder. Jack lies by the front door waiting for customers to walk in and then he happily strolls around the store with them helping to pick out (his favorite) food, treats and toys. If you catch him on a good hair day, he might even pose for a picture with you!

Honda the Golden Retriever with THREE tennis balls!
Honda the Golden Retriever with THREE tennis balls!

Back at ONP headquarters, you’ll find Honda spending his workday playing referee to the rest of the dogs at the warehouse. Honda kind of patrols the area keeping all the dogs in line, giving a deep WOOF whenever necessary. He usually unwinds by resting in his red West Paw Bumper Bed with a tennis ball, or 3, in his mouth.

Jack & Honda, Hiking Dogs!
Jack & Honda, Hiking Dogs!
Jack and Honda, Loving the day off in the wilderness!
Jack and Honda, Loving the day off in the wilderness!

11 thoughts on “Employee Pet Profile – Abby’s Golden Retrievers, Jack & Honda

    1. J&H are (besides my family’s dogs) my favorite 2 dogs on the planet! No party is complete without them and a few tennis balls 🙂 I will definitely get a golden retriever when I am ready for my own dog because of these two. So proud to see them with their own profile! You go doggies! XXOO woof!

  1. Hi Dana! They sure are- I’ve had Goldens since the day I was born. They just want to be your best friend… and what more could you want in a pup?!

  2. Honda and Jack are the most amazing dogs ever. Actually, I’m not even sure they ARE dogs. I think they’re cool people who came back as Jack and Honda. People who like to chomp on tennis balls…..

  3. Woof Woof, J & H in cyberspace!! A couple of amazing dogs… Jack is a perfect choice for your ONP labels!! Keep up the good work ONPS!!!

  4. My one-year-old male Golden Retriever, Piper, can now stuff four regulation size tennis balls in his mouth. He was seven-months-old when he sat down in front of my husband, John, at the computer and showed him he could carry three tennis balls. We know about Aggie, in Dallas, who has set the Guiness Book of World records. We tell him we are soooo proud of him when he does this and makes a special effort to come over to us to show us his tennis balls. He is obsessed with them. He also likes to smask them on our ceramic tile floor so they pop up and he can catch them. Every day is Golden for Piper in Lexington, Nebraska!

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