New Products at Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Fresh Kisses Organic Biscuits

– These minty and parsley-flavored treats are made with wholesome organic ingredients, with no corn, soy or wheat.
– They’re baked hard for a crunchy texture that fights tartar and plaque, promoting healthy gums and strong teeth.
– 95% Organic Ingredients.
– Low-Allergen Grains: Rye & Oat Bran.
– Free of Wheat, Corn and Soy.
– No Preservatives or Fillers – Nothing Artificial.
– Available in a 1 lb. resealable bag.

Only Natural Pet Chicken Apple Pie Grain-Free Biscuits

– Only Natural Pet Chicken Apple Pie Biscuits are all natural, oven-baked treats that let you give your dog the best of both worlds: home-style flavors like treats you’d make yourself, plus the grain-free goodness of a premium health
food snack.
– No Preservatives, No Fillers, No Gluten
– Human-Grade Ingredients
– No Wheat, Corn or Soy
– 1 lb. reasealable bag.

Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Turkey & Sweet Potato Dehydrated Dog Food

– Only Natural Pet EasyRaw Dehydrated Grain-Free Turkey & Sweet Potato Dog Food is a complete diet which provides a natural alternative to more processed conventional dog foods.
– Dehydration is a gentle drying process that avoids the loss of nutrients that occurs while cooking at high heat, as during the manufacturing process of dry kibble.
– Available in 2 lab and 8 lb resealable bags.
– Easy to Prepare – Simply Mix with Water.
– Made with USDA-Inspected Turkey.
– Nutrition from Real Meat, Fruits & Vegetables, Not Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals.

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