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Ruff Wear Mt. Bachelor Pad Dog Bed
Whether in the car, at home, in the office, or on a camping trip, your companion will have a cozy place to snooze with our Mt. Bachelor Pad. In addition to keeping dogs comfortable, this easy-to-carry bed will cover furniture, car
upholstery, or anyplace needing protection from dirt and dog hair.

Ruff Wear Big Eddy Float Coat Canine Life Jacket
The Big Eddy Float Coat is the ultimate in canine flotation and water safety.  Ideal for active canines who frequent the water, it is designed for aggressive swimmers in rough or fast-moving water, day or night. The Big Eddy is our premium, fully featured canine lifejacket.

Ruff Wear Portage Float Coat Canine Life Jacket
The Portage Float Coat is ideal for recreational use, the Portage is a high-quality flotation jacket at an excellent value. Great for calm water activities, or for dogs who are less buoyant and/or new to the water.

Ruff Wear Sun Shower Waterproof Rain Jacket
Dogs need to get outside no matter the weather, even when it’s raining cats and dogs. With the Sun Shower rain jacket, your dog will stay dry and mud-free in wet conditions.

2 thoughts on “New Products at Only Natural Pet Store

  1. I am looking for a natural remedy to help my 12.5 year old labrador retreiever with her severe breathing issues she has. She had a ceasar last night, and she is fine today, but it is something I need fast. It is like dog asthma, and any little level of excitement will get her all ralled up and agitated easily, and she will wease a lot and pant a lot and loss her breath until it is all gone sometimes. Let me know if there is anything good out there, thanks. Have a blessed evening! Thanks for any help you can give me in this situation, and her names is Haley, she appreciated it too.

    Hunt H. Hellums
    HHH Land Co. LLC

    1. Hi Hunt,

      In general I always start with the food. Even when using a quality food with no by-products or fillers, there can be a chance that your dog may have an intolerance to something in the recipe. Beyond that, there are many possibilities, and it may require the help of a holistic vet. Please feel free to give us a call at our customer care line to see if we can give more specific direction, or can help you fin a holistic vet.

      Monday through Friday: 7am – 5pm (Mountain Time)
      Saturday: 9am – 3pm

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