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PetAlive BeFree Flea Shampoo
BeFree is a natural shampoo with essential oils designed to help repel fleas, flies and mosquitoes from your dog.

BeFree Flea Shampoo Benefits:
– Cleanses with gentle and effective action.
– Encourages healthy, clear skin and coats.
– Residual mosquito, flea and fly deterrent effect.
– Contains no parabens, sodium laurel sulphate or harmful petrochemicals.

PetAlive Better-Bladder Control
Your pet’s bladder is responsible for removing toxins and waste from the body.  As pets age, it is common for muscles in this area to become weakened, causing urine leaks or common incontinence in both canines and felines. To support
health, ensure your pet has adequate clean drinking water.

What is Better-Bladder Control?
– Better-Bladder Control is an FDA-registered natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to relieve incontinence and strengthen the bladder.
– The ingredients in Better-Bladder Control address acute symptoms such as frequent leaking and “accidents”, while also supporting the health and integrity of the urinary system and helping to maintain bladder control.

Wetnoz Zen Collection Pet Bowls
The ZEN Collection from Wetnoz is made from a blend of fine bone china and porcelain. Not only a wonderful design accent for your home, they are also ergonomically designed for either your canine or feline companions. Additional
features include a thumb hole for easy gripping, which also doubles as a treat receptacle for ‘two-course’ dining.

Only Natural Pet Bags on Board
Only Natural Pet Bags on Board is a compact, refillable dispenser which holds a roll of 15 large biodegradable doggie clean-up bags.  It attaches to any kind of leash – standard or retractable.

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  1. Natural shampoos – The use of plant extracts appears to be the major difference between “natural” shampoos and other shampoos.

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