New Products at Only Natural Pet Store

Dog Whisperer Organic Beef Jerky Treats
– Dog Whisperer Discipline organic treats are irresistibly chewy beef jerky treats that provide your dog with a healthy reward for desired behaviors.
– These treats are specially formulated to attract your dog’s attention and keep it.
– Aromatic morsels of certified organic beef jerky provide the perfect training treat.
– Made with no artificial preservatives.
– Available in 3 oz. bags.

Dog Whisperer Organic Biscuit Treats
– Cesar Millan designed each of his Dog Whisperer Organic Treats to serve a different purpose in providing your dog with rewards for desired behaviors.
– Exercise – Perfect for training, these crunchy treats provide energy with Organic Chicken, Oats and Flaxseed
– Affection – Organic Grains, Apples & Green Tea Extract, naturally sweetened for a tasty reward
– Available in 12 oz. bags.

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