New Products from Pal Dog on Only Natural Pet Store

New Products from Pal Dog

Pal Dog Organic Puppy System Set:

This premium canine grooming set contains the perfect combination of full sized
herbal bath essentials (shampoo, conditioner/cream rinse, and daily
freshening spray) for new canine parents.

Pal Dog Organic Pup System Set contains:
– Calming Lavender Shampoo & Massage Bath – 12.5 oz. bottle
– Lavender & Aloe Conditioner & Cream Rinse – 12 oz. bottle
– Freshen-Up Spray – 8 oz. bottle

Pal Dog Healthy Pup System Set
Healthy pet care starts by treating infection-causing ailments early. Pal Dog
Healthy Pup System Set features specially formulated organic “Treatment Gels,”
developed for safe, effective canine first aid and preventive healthcare.

Set Includes:
– Boo Boo Treatment Gel  2 oz.
– Ear Eash Treatment Gel  2 oz.
– Pet-Friendly First Aid Supplies

Pal Kitty Healthy Kitty Gift Set:

This set contains two products to help reduce hairball formation and keep your
cat healthy and clean. Regular use will reduce the chance of hairballs and keep
your kitty feeling fresh and clean.

Gift Set Includes:
– Freshen-Up Foam 7.5 oz – Use daily to reduce hair and dander that cause
– Kitty Grass Growing Set – Organic Kitty Grass contains enzymes that aid

Pal Dog Ear Wash Treatment Gel
– Pal Dog Ear Wash Gel gently removes dirt, debris and waxy build-up. 
– This soothing organic formula effectively removes odor, leaving ears clean,
fresh and healthy!
– 2 oz. bottle.

Pal Dog Boo Boo Treatment Gel:

– Boo Boo Treatment Gel is a natural first aid treatment for active
canines. This powerful formula soothes skin abrasions, burns, cuts, scratches,
stings and toenail breaks. 

– Perfect for canine emergency kits!
– 2 oz. bottle.

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