New Products from Only Natural Pet Store

Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Raw Food for Dogs
– this product only uses
free-range, USDA-inspected, approved-for-human-consumption meats and the
freshest produce, organic where possible, with real bone ground in (NOT bone

– No artificial flavors or colors.
– No preservatives of any kind – preserved by flash freezing and freeze-drying.
– Free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics.
– Natural enzymes and amino acids preserved.
– Naturally occurring taurine.
– A total and preventive health program.

Stella & Chewy’s Frozen Raw Food for Cats
– This cat food
is made of 96% human-grade, free-range meats and bones, and 4% organic fruits
and vegetables. It will help strengthen your cat’s immune system and add healthy
years to your cat’s life.

– Available in Chicken formula in 1.2 lb. bag of 12 (1.5 oz.) patties.

American BioSciences NK-9 AHCC Immune System Support
– NK-9 Immune System
Support for dogs helps provide unsurpassed support for a dog’s immune system,
especially their NK cells – a type of white blood cell known as the immune
system’s front-line of defense.

– 30 Capsules.
– Each capsule contains 250 mg of AHCC proprietary blend.

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