Sixteen Steps to Detox Your Pet

by Cynthia Holley-Connolly, ONP Staff Writer

Most likely, you have a general idea what toxins are. We often hear things described as being “toxic,” and we know that means potentially damaging, and perhaps poisonous. Toxins can cause, worsen, or accelerate many health problems in people and pets. Sadly, many of the toxins that can profoundly affect our pets’ health are hidden, and we may unknowingly contribute to the load of toxins our pets’ have in their bodies. While toxins are bad for us, they can be devastating to our pets for several reasons.

First, pets are generally smaller than we are, with smaller organs of elimination (e.g., liver, kidneys, lungs). When exposed to toxins, their bodies have to work much harder than ours do to eliminate them. Second, pets have a shorter life span. They don’t have the luxury of time that we have for their bodies to eliminate toxins as gradually. Also, our pets can’t talk to us to let us know when something in their food or their environment is making them feel sick. They can’t switch their own food or decide to stop using a household cleaner that irritates their sinuses or lungs. Our pets rely on us 100% to reduce the number and amount of toxins they encounter.

So what can you do to minimize the toxins in your pets’ lives and help them eliminate the toxic load they have in their bodies?

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3 thoughts on “Sixteen Steps to Detox Your Pet

  1. Imagine burying your gorgeous, loving adorable best friend – a barely three
    year old cocker spaniel named, Baby, all because you repeatedly cleaned with
    toxic hardwood floor cleaners. Never in a pet owners wildest dreams would
    they expect to lose a buddy so soon after bonding and loving and caring for
    the precious pooch.

    It’s so important to detox your pet and to make it a part of their lives.
    Getting rid of a pet’s toxins is detrimental to their health and to your sanity.

    Living with the shame and sadness of allowing a pet to suffer – albeit
    unknowingly can be devastating. So, read up on the subject and make a
    change in your habits. Watch what you clean with, what you spray in the air.
    There are lots of ways to care. [Edit : Unable to verify described link]
    and go to Canine Kitchen & Pawtisserie. And be sure to upload your pups
    photos – Make them Pup-u-lar, receive pet-acular savings and find some
    paw-fect treats. Bone-Appetite – from and my pooch, a
    rescue named Noni.

  2. Thanks for reminding us that things…No I am very observant in regards to my pets…I notice this past few days that our Japanese Spitz always licking our floor…I thought that was nothing then I discover that his licking the floor wax…I was bothered by his actions…

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