Book Review- “All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets”

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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Herbs for Pets


Natural Care

Brief Summary

With the health and nutrition of animals in mind, this book was carefully written so that anyone can use herbs safely and with confidence as a part of their companion’s daily food intake – for nutrition as well as for restoring balance for those animals that have been ill. 

Quite an amazing book, with much cross-referencing so that the reader can find out which herbs are appropriate for specific conditions..

Lengthy discussion of preparation, dosing, length of use, precautions and side effects.

Easy-to-understand Instructions for making water infusions, decoctions, oil infusions, tinctures. poultices, salves and ointments.

Includes a chapter on common ailments and recommended herbal remedies that is extremely helpful.


Emphasis on whole-food diet with gentle and sequential guidance to selecting, preparing and use of safe, healing, natural remedies.

Constructive Criticism

I really wouldn’t change a word or eliminate anything because it is important and fundamental information that comes from the hearts of both authors.


“When we provide our companion animals with considerations of health and healing that meet their needs and not just our own, we are in effect healing ourselves as well.  In fact, we are healing one of the primary causes of the earth’s greatest ills: humanity’s disconnection from nature.”“This is a book about a level of healing that reaches far beyond that which can be provided by science.  It is about holistic healing in its truest sense – a process that does not begin or end with the administration of a medicine but with our connection to nature. “

“In our society, mainstream approaches to health maintenance focus on symptomatic intervention.  Typically, when a person or animal gets sick, the conventional practitioner works to identify and suppress uncomfortable or unsightly symptoms in order to achieve immediate relief.  As children, most of us are taught time and again to confront fever with pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen, or ibuprofen; dandruff with shampoos; and constipation with laxatives. 


But what about the causes of these discomforts?  Are we really taking a curative approach toward a fever if we don’t recognize its origin and its purpose?  Why do we have dandruff anyway?  Why are our animals suffering with chronic constipation?  These are questions that are addressed by the holistic herbalist – one who looks at the body as an entire, intricately balanced biocommunity of countless organs, chemicals, microorganisms, and life energies.  From a holistic perspective, the herbalist realizes that all body functions are interdependent and that physical or emotional discomforts do not represent the totality of a health crisis but only the body’s conveyance of an underlying imbalance or crises – a state of “disease.” 

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  1. I’m pleased to see this book here on the Blog! The authors, Mary Wulff-
    Tilford and Greogry Tilford are world-renowned experts on herbal use
    in animals. Holistic veterinarians (including me!) regularly turn to this book
    for reference, yet it is easy to ready and handy for pet guardians to use
    as well.

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