New Senior Pet Products at Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store now offers two new products for senior pets and/or handicapped pets:

PetSTEP Portable Pet Ramp
Key to life-long joint health for active dogs of all ages, PetSTEP Pet Ramps prevent stress related injuries that can occur when pets jump down onto front legs.  PetSTEP Pet Ramps also offer compassionate assistance to rehabilitating and senior pets as well as those with special needs such as arthritis, dysplasia, weight issues, or travel reluctance.

SnuggEase Protective Dog Diapers
Dogs have a number of issues that cause them to lose control of their bladder. SnuggEase provides comfortable protection from both the embarrassment of unplanned discharges and from damaging a home with unwanted messes. Additionally, SnuggEase gives owners the peace of mind in case they are incapable of getting to their beloved pet in time to allow them to relieve themselves in their normal routine.

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