Leba III Dental Spray at Only Natural Pet Store

Leba III Dental Spray is now available at Only Natural Pet Store!

LEBA III balances the chemistry of the mouth keeping the teeth clean and healthy for the entire life of your pet, without side effects. How does it work? Leba III stimulates the enzymes changing the chemistry in the mouth. This softens the tartar and eventually, after a few weeks, causes the tartar to fall off.

Leba III, which had a 100% response in double blind testing, keeps your dog’s teeth clean with just 1-2 sprays at morning and 1-2 sprays at night. Click here for the double blind test results.

One thought on “Leba III Dental Spray at Only Natural Pet Store

  1. Bad breath in dogs has always received a pass from dog owners. Our surveys of VitaHound readers found that dog owners believed the time and effort of cleaning dog teeth was not worth the results. However modern dog owners pursuing better health and well being for their dogs are willing to try natural products such as LEBA III and our research at our Labs is recording the formulas in these products to be extremely effectual at fighting periodontal disease. Of course it is the opinion of a wide sample of dog owners as to the value of the product and we are hoping to read those comments here in the future.

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