Busting the Most Common Myths About Pet Food and Care

We hear many misperceptions about pet food and pet care from our customers here at Only Natural Pet Store.  We would like to debunk a selection of these myths that we hear most often so that we can separate fact from fiction for our readers.  Click each link below to read why each myth is busted. Here are the top 20 myths that we’re busting.

  1. The best foods are those the veterinarian sells such as Iams and Science Diet.
  2. Dry food cleans a dog or cat’s teeth.
  3. Dogs and cats should be fed a food appropriate to their life stage. Puppies need puppy food, kittens need kitten food and senior pets need senior diets.
  4. People food is bad for dogs and cats.
  5. Only complete and balanced meals should be fed to cats and dogs.
  6. Feeding raw food is dangerous due to the risk of Salmonella and E. Coli.
  7. Dogs and cats should not eat grains.  
  8. Ash Content is an important guideline in choosing a cat food.  
  9. Changing formulas or brands of pet foods is hard on a dog or cat’s digestion.  
  10. Spaying or neutering an animal will cause it to gain weight.
  11. Dogs and cats need vaccination boosters annually.
  12. One year for a dog or cat’s age is equal to 7 human years.
  13. A wagging tail is the sign of a happy, friendly dog.
  14. Nervous or skittish dogs and cats were abused when they were young.
  15. A hot dry nose means your companion is ill.
  16. Eating grass is a sign that a dog or cat has an upset stomach.
  17. It is fine for dogs and cats to eat each other’s food.
  18. Animals lick their wounds to promote healing.
  19. Only male dogs “hump” other dogs or lift their legs to urinate.
  20. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the top myths. Many people feed their dogs what they are eating, left-overs, snacks etc… They don’t realize the harm it can have on their dogs. I just posted a list of 10 important foods your dog should never eat at: http://rustydogblog.blogspot.com I hope to raise awareness about how certain foods can harm your dog.

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