Only Natural Pet Customer Review of the Week

Trish & Snickers review Only Natural Pet Immune Balance and HomeoPet Leaks No More:

Well, after spending tons of money in medical bills in 9 months to cure a antibiotic resistent staph/allergy infection, we were on the drug of last hope, Atopica, which is VERY spendy. Our lovely little 10-year old Jack Russell was having gastric issues with all the meds.

So after lots of tears, even took her to church to have our priest lay hands on her, I bought 2 items at your webstore. I detoxed her system, put her on your ONP Immune Balance drops and HomeoPet Leaks No More. And a little over 2 weeks later… No more pus filled pockets on her body and the infection was gone! Now you can say Yipee! God Bless you ALL!”

Thank you Trish & Snickers for the great review!

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