Marley’s Love of Connectin

Marley has experienced her share of joint support and arthritis issues. The year before I began working at Only Natural Pet, she had arthrodesis surgery to fuse her back leg to relieve severe arthritis and joint pain. I had no idea at the time that there were so many natural options and instead spent hundreds of dollars on pharmaceuticals, which didn’t help much with the pain or sedated her so much, she wasn’t her playful self. Currently, she is one of the primary testers at ONP of all things joint-related. If it passes Marley’s paw of approval, we bring it in. She has tried everything. And everything works well.

What works the best for Marley is In Clover’s Connectin for Dogs and Cats. Marley is about 8 1/2 years old and before working here, she was often in pain. She was sore after getting up in the mornings and limped desperately after even the most minor walks (which for a lab is still a fairly hyper affair). Her ability and behavior have changed so dramatically now that she takes Connectin, it’s like she’s a puppy again. I used to feel so badly watching her deal with the pain of exercise, I stopped bringing her. Now she accompanies me on every walk, hike or run!

Marley Acts Like a Puppy

2 thoughts on “Marley’s Love of Connectin

  1. Hi,
    I have an old tri color kitty, grey, tan and white Her name is Terra. She is 16.
    She was kicked or struck some yers back, whcih left her with a shattered and broken ball joint on hte right side.
    It had t o be removed so she has no ball joint and she has been lame. She has had some other stressors in her life too…I have her on natural food . She is als getting the digestive powder from vegetables in her food. She is eating Wellness canned, cooked chicken breast or thighs, an egg yolk now and then,and vitamin E, C. She has some trouble with an inflamed gum on the right side of her mouth, the right fang. Any recomendations for gums and teeth healing?
    Has any one used Sea Silver with kitties?

  2. Vivian,
    You might take a look at the article in our Holistic Healthcare Library about Dental Healthcare – just click the link above to the Library and then select “Dental and Oral” in the dropdown box listing conditions. If you don’t find the information you are seeking there, then email our Customer Care department and they might be able to make some recommendations for you.

    Thank you for visiting our blog!

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