New Flower Essences

We recently added five new Flower Essences to Only Natural Pet Store:

  • Switching Foods – great for victims of the pet food recall who are trying out new food.
  • Graceful Alignment – a daily must-have for our three-legged office dog, Crinkles.
  • Parasites – as attractive as our pets are, this keeps them unattractive to those pesky parasites.
  • Circulatory System – helps cleanse and energize the entire circulatory system.
  • Liver Strengthener – great for recovering from a long night of drinking… water! (ha ha!)

In a nutshell, Flower Essences are holistic liquid remedies that are easy to administer and provide a totally natural way of treat your dog or cat’s health conditions.

One thought on “New Flower Essences

  1. I’m sure many pet owners have never tried flower essences or even given
    them a second thought. But in my experience, they can be a miraculous
    remedy, especially with animals.

    With three cats and three dogs, I wouldn’t be without Rescue Remedy. It
    can be used in so many circumstances to revive, relieve and calm animals.
    Excellent for going to the vet, car rides for unhappy cats, soothing after
    cat or dog altercations. My neighbor’s cat was hit by a car and was
    trembling, pupils dilated, panting. I put a few drops of Rescue on his face and
    he immediately calmed down, stopped panting, and eyes returned to normal!
    The girl who had hit him couldn’t believe it! Several times our little dogs have
    gotten into porcupines, and it’s incredible how you can calm them by putting
    Rescue on their faces when pulling out the quills. My husband thought I was
    crazy until he saw how good it worked!

    I have used other flower essences to stop cat spraying, dog marking, both
    dogs and cats showing dominance over their housemates, outbursts of bark-
    ing and wild behavior, and have had immediate, astounding results. To see
    how fast essences work is amazing. Continued, frequent use is usually
    necessary to curb ingrained bad habits, but essences are very simple to
    administer and use, with a number of different methods of administering them.

    Flower essences work on people too! If you have an injured pet and are in
    a panic, a few drops of Rescue under your tongue will help you get your
    thoughts together.

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