Natural Ways to Fight Fleas From Only Natural Pet Store

Take a safe and effective approach to keeping your pet free from fleas this summer

With summer here, fleas have begun to arrive and areas around the country are already reporting a harsher flea season than normal. Most flea products available from pet stores and veterinarians are chemically based, making it difficult to make a healthy choice for your pet. 

Many people rely solely on their veterinarian for flea product recommendations, but that is not always the safest route.  Holistic veterinarians warn that these chemical products can lead to chronic health problems with repeated use. Natural flea remedies are just as effective and are actually safer for pets, as opposed to conventional chemical pesticide methods of controlling fleas. Melissa Grosjean of Only Natural Pet Store reports that “due to changes in climate, sales of natural flea products are now becoming consistent year round instead of just a spike during the normal flea season months.”

Only Natural Pet Store encourages customers to explore the natural alternatives to chemical flea products and also provides valuable information for customers to help them understand how to use natural means successfully. Natural flea products utilize herbs and natural borate or diatomaceous earth powders along with a healthy diet and vitamin and garlic supplements to combat fleas.  Flea control is an important health concern for pet owners as they are the leading cause of skin problems in cats and dogs and can spread disease and worms.

Many areas of the country did not endure a harsh enough winter to keep the flea population down and are already experiencing a crippling flea season.  With year-round temperatures rising due to global warming, flea populations are growing and spreading annually. The Holistic Healthcare Library on the Only Natural Pet website provides detailed information on safe and natural flea control and much more.

3 thoughts on “Natural Ways to Fight Fleas From Only Natural Pet Store

  1. I would really like to learn more about natural ways to reduce fleas and ticks. I have the chemical stuff from the vet, but it seems so dangerous!! I am a very health conscious, love the earth type of person, and I cringe to think of using that on my dog. Thanks for some alternatives, I’ll be looking into them!

  2. I have used your diatomaceous earth powder for flea treatment
    on my older mini Bull Terrier, and it works. Since she will be 12 soon
    and has a few health problems for which I am seeing a holistic vet, I
    am very glad to have a product like this. I do have one problem I found
    our about today. I took Zoe for a walk at noon and she has worms.
    I understand she could have gotten them from fleas. But I hate to use
    a wormer that is a chemical…although I really want the worms to be
    eliminated. Any thoughts?

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