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  1. The Diva in my Life is my small minnie Poodle “Diva. I’ve tried cooking for her
    as well as natural dry foods and canned foods all of which she’ll eat for a day or
    two before refusing.

    She is a “special” dog in that she’s nervous, neurotic, suffers from separation
    anxiety, is thin and bites and chews at her feet {no parasites}

    Its my hope that natural supplements, foods etc can help but i don’t where to
    go to ask

  2. Sharyn,
    Please take a look in our Holistic Healthcare Library (linked in the bar to the right) for information about treating anxiety and digestive issues. There are several articles that can help you find the information you are seeking. If you have additional questions after reviewing the information in the Library, you can email a Customer Care representative by selecting the Contact Us link above. While we are not veterinarians, we try to help customers make choices when they are unsure of what to try.

    I would make the same recommendation for you as well – check our Holistic Healthcare Library for answers. There are over 100 articles, summaries and Questions with responses in the Library covering a very wide range of topics. If you do not find what you are looking for there, email Customer Care. We will gladly help if we are able, however, we cannot diagnose health issues.

    Thank you both for visiting our blog!

  3. In response to Sharyn’s comments/questions, I’m one of the customer
    service reps at Only Natural Pet. I’m also a dog trainer and animal communicator.

    For your small dog, I recommend Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried as the foundation
    of your dog’s diet. You can rotate the protein sources from Lamb to Venison to
    Turkey/Chicken etc. This way you know for certain that your dog is getting
    the nutrients and enzymes she needs. And you can mix it with other food, serve
    it dry or rehydrated, and most dogs (and cats) love this food. Great ingredients!

    Supplements I use and highly recommend:
    Animal Essentials Organic Green Alternative
    or other powdered green such as Barley Grass
    Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes and Probiotics
    or other enzyme and/or probiotic
    Fish oil is a must

    I’ve been using some of the PetEssence Flower essences myself, and I’ve had
    some great results. I’ve been using Vitality/Rest, and my sleep is much deeper.
    Your dog may benefit from a flower essence. You take it, too – somehow this
    helps your dog feel the effects through your energy.

    I would also start giving your dog more structure. Simple things like waiting
    at the door before going out – my dogs have to wait until they hear their name
    called before exiting. Or waiting to eat. Or sitting and waiting while you brush your teeth. Nervous
    dogs often benefit from feeling more responsible and having rules and boundaries.

    Also, if you tell your dog how long you’re going to be gone in a matter-of-fact
    way, it might help. I always do this with my dogs. I say something like, “I’ll
    be back in about 2 hours. You’re going to wait here.”

    I hope this info is helpful!
    Sarah W.

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